100 Watt Solar Panel Price in Kenya

Discover a wide range of high performing 100 watt solar panels in Kenya in our wide inventory of products. Our 100 watt solar panels are very popular since they are a convenient size and can be used for a wide array of small applications or grouped together for larger power. Our 100 watt solar panel price in Kenya is highly affordable since we sell directly to you from the manufactures.

100 watt solar panels are great for use in applications that do not require so much power, especially if you are just using one. 100 watt panels can be used to charge a 12V solar battery to store power for later use. They can also be used to charge laptops and other mobile devices at home or used to power a small TV for about 6 hours. For most people, these small panels are used for lighting around the house and to power radios. But of course the functionality of these panels can be extended by adding more panels to the system.

The 100 watt solar panel price in Kenya depends mostly on the quality of the solar panel and of course where you buy your panels. Not all suppliers will sell their products at the same prices. It is best that when you are investing in solar, you only work with specialist solar suppliers that only deal with solar products. This way you enjoy a lot of expertise and customer support that you cannot get with other suppliers that are only middlemen and there for a profit.

As a leading direct supplier of solar panels, we can help you make an investment you will be proud of. Also, you will enjoy the best 100 watt solar panel price in Kenya and unparalleled customer support from our highly trained and experienced solar experts. Give us a try today.