1000 Watt Solar Panel Price in Kenya

Are there any 1000 watt solar panels available? The answer to this is no and for good reasons. Such a solar panel would be too big and very cumbersome to handle. When talking of 1000 watt solar panels, we mean a solar system that is able to deliver the 1000 watts for your use. So what is the 1000 watt solar panel price in Kenya? It depends on the system you opt to buy.

There are different systems you can get in the market including 4x 250 Watt panels, 5 x 200 Watt panels, 2 x 500 Watt panels and many others. The 1000 watt solar panel price in Kenya of such systems depends on the quality of the panels and the other essential accessories included with the system. Some systems will come equipped with one battery and an inverter while others have two batteries plus the inverter.

The 1000 watt solar panel price in Kenya also depends on the type of solar panels used to form the system. For the highly efficient monocrystalline system you will definitely pay more. However, paying more for quality solar panels is a worthwhile investment that will repay itself in the long run.

As a leading solar supplier and installer in the country, we install very reliable and dependable 1000 watt solar systems for any home or commercial needs. Our 1000 watt solar panels can provide enough power during the day while charging batteries for use at night. Theoretically, with 5 to 12 hours of sunlight daily as we expect, our systems can provide from 5000 to 12000 watts of power to the batteries for storage.

With this system you can run all power demanding equipment and machines in your home including washing machines and air conditioning with ease. Contact us today if this level of solar power interests you.