300 Watt Solar Panel Price in Kenya

When installing solar panels, you need to consider space. With a 300 watt solar panel you can get more power than with one 100 watts, 150 watts or 200 watts panel and with a smaller footprint. The 300 watt solar panel are popular for home use. This is because one 300 watt solar panel provides decent power for home use and the system can easily be improved by adding another panel or even two more. How about the 300 watts solar panel price in Kenya?

The costs of the 300 watts solar panels depends on the whether they are monocrystalline or polycrystalline. The monocrystalline solar panels cost more. The quality of the panel also comes into play because not all panels are made the same way. Although some features like waterproof finishes are standard for many manufacturers, there are some features that are specific to some brands.

For instance, some brands will use highly efficient solar cells that ensure you get the best conversion of the solar energy that hits the panels and even in low light. Good brands also use an anodized aluminum finish that is tough, corrosion resistant, scratch resistant and suitable for extended outdoor use. You can therefore rest assured that you will enjoy the full-life of the solar panels you invest in.

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