500 Watt Solar Panel Price in Kenya

Solar panel manufacturers continue to innovate and produce solar panels that meets the demanding power needs of modern life. The 500 watt solar panels are meant for power intensive uses at homes and in workshops or commercial properties. They can also be used in remote buildings and holiday homes that need to stay completely off the grid. The 500 watt solar panel price in Kenya depends on the brand.

The 500 watt solar panel innovation means a lot of the solar industry because with these high power panels only a few are needed to meet high power needs. Having fewer panels on the roof reduces the handling costs and even installation costs since many accessories needed to keep huge panels in place are not needed when you only use one or two panels to meet your power needs.

The 500 watt solar panel price in Kenya is also determined by the accessories you get with the system. A costly system will come complete with solar batteries and inverter to make installation easy. This kind of complete system ensures you are able to make good use of the solar system immediately it is installed.

Since 500 Watt solar panels are new in the market it is best to do some due diligence before you make your investment. Make sure you are buying solar panels from a renowned manufacturer and a reputable solar panel supplier in Kenya. We have a wide range of 500 watt solar panels for sale from the renowned international brands. We directly import these solar panels from the manufacturers and sell them directly to you at the best 500 watt solar panel prices in Kenya.

Our experts are on standby to help you determine how many solar panels you need depending on your power needs and future growth projections. Contact us for more details.