Solar Batteries Prices in Kenya

Your solar system is not complete without batteries. Solar batteries act as the storage for electricity. When the panels generate electricity during the day, the batteries store it so you have electricity to use at night. With good solar batteries you can even completely stay off the grid and survive on solar power provided the panels are producing enough for your needs. As such getting the best solar batteries is important. So what are the solar batteries prices in Kenya and are the prices worth it?

There are several factors that determine the solar batteries prices in Kenya. First is the type of chemical materials inside the battery. The chemical materials inside are the ones that react to produce the electricity when you need it. Some are better at it than others. The best ones of course will cost a bit more.

The other factors that determine the solar batteries prices in Kenya include the lifespan of the battery, the storage capacity and the usable capacity. The storage capacity of the battery determines how much electricity the battery can hold in total. The more it can hold, the more you have for your use. The usable capacity on the other hand determines how much of the stored electricity the battery gives up for use. A good battery is one that is able to give up as much of the electricity as possible without compromising the chemical materials inside it.

Investing in solar batteries is a worthwhile investment because of the benefits it provides. Having batteries significantly lowers your energy costs because you can have electric energy on demand. However, you should ensure that you choose a quality battery. This is where the services of a professional and experienced solar company come in.

As a renowned solar company we make your journey to going green very easy and cost effective. We offer quality PV solar batteries at the best solar batteries prices in Kenya. Whether you are installing a new system or you want a replacement with us you will get the battery you need. We also have lithium ion batteries that you can add to your solar system to make it vastly more efficient. However, the lithium ion batteries cost more than the PV batteries.

Our batteries come with a wide range of usable capacities ranging anywhere from 3kWh to 13.5kWh. Despite having a higher price, lithium ion batteries have a longer lifespan and higher usable capacity. Your investment therefore will go a long way even when you intend to stay completely off the grid.

Thorough research and comparison of offers is required before you make your investment. We can save you the hassles of choosing solar batteries and comparing many different solar batteries prices in Kenya. Contact us today to get a quote of the different batteries we have in stock. We not only have different types we also have a wide range of usable capacities for you to choose from.