Solar charge controller price in Kenya

A solar charge controller, also called a regulator, protects the batteries from being overcharged or completely discharged. Overcharged or completely discharged batteries have a short life and eventually become completely destroyed. A solar charge controller cuts off the connection when the battery has been discharged or charged to a safe level. If you are looking to buy this critical component of your solar system, then the solar charge controller price in Kenya could be one of your worries.

Is a solar charge controller required for my system?

A solar charge controller protects the battery from damage. This, in itself, tells you the importance of having a solar charge controller installed. A battery makes it possible to store energy for later use when the system is not charging. Without it, you would only have access to solar power when the panels are charging. It is, therefore, essential to take care of the battery by regulating the charging and discharging process. Also, batteries are pretty expensive to buy and therefore taking care of them with a charge controller saves you money in the long run.

So which systems need a charge controller? All systems that charge over 10% of the batteries' capacity will need a charge controller. Check the stated battery capacity in Ah against the output ratings of your solar panels. If you cannot determine this by yourself, our experts can help you determine if your system will need a charge controller.

Choosing the correct charge controller

It is crucial to choose a suitable charge controller in terms of reliability, performance, size and features. Good quality solar charge controllers are designed to take a beating since they deal with a lot of heat and manage it properly. Low-cost solar charge controllers might not offer you the best performance, especially when you have a big size system.

Poor performance will end up costing you in terms of loss of operating time, replacement costs and even battery replacements. It is also essential to ensure that you get a controller that is the right size for your system. We can help you choose a quality charge controller that will be a perfect size and have the right features for your system.

Buy Solar Charge Controllers in Kenya

Want to invest in quality solar charge controllers? Then you need a reliable supplier to work with. We have a range of quality solar charge controllers to suit your needs. The solar charge controller prices in Kenya range depending on the size of the solar power system to be regulated, quality, and controller features.

It is important to remember that you get what you pay for with solar charge controllers and other solar system components. As such, spending a little more to get that high-quality product will be worth it. Remember that solar batteries are pretty expensive. Damage to the battery will cost you so much more than what it will cost you to invest in a solar charge controller. We have sold thousands of units to customers from around the country, and we are yet to have a single customer tell us they wish they had skimped on this necessary installation.