Solar Garden Lights for Sale in Kenya

Adding outdoor lights to your garden is a good way of making it usable at night. However, lighting up a whole garden can be expensive. This is why many people now prefer installing solar garden lights to use the sun's energy to light up your garden. There are many solar garden lights for sale in Kenya, from bright lights for security purposes to dim ambient lights for decorations.

Solar garden lights charge up during the day and release the energy as light during the night. Therefore, they should be positioned to absorb the sun's energy and not under the shade. The bigger the solar panel for the lights, the brighter you expect them to be. Solar garden lights meant for security usually have a big solar panel to collect as much energy as possible to keep them lit up throughout the night.

Solar garden lights for sale in Kenya are available in many different designs. You can use them to highlight the most important aspects of your garden and highlight paths. Solar garden lights are also available as plants or LED strings that you can use to decorate. You also get different colors and hues.

There is so much you can achieve with solar garden lights. However, you must choose the right solar garden lights supplier and choose the right lights for your needs.

Choosing solar garden lights

Here are the things you need to look out for when choosing solar garden lights for sale in Kenya.

The solar panel - the solar panel size is an essential factor to have in mind because it determines the light output at night and how long the lights can stay lit.

Battery life - Usually, the battery life is quoted for every 24-hour cycle. A good battery should be one that can last for over 8 hours to get through the night.

Dusk to dawn sensor - Another important feature that you should look for is the dusk to dawn sensor. This sensor automatically puts on the garden lights when it is dusk and switches them off at dawn without requiring you to do it manually. The sensor is an essential feature since most solar garden lights are not connected to the mains connections and work as stand-alone.

Choosing an excellent solar garden lights company

A simple search for solar garden lights for sale in Kenya will reveal to you thousands of results. Many people in the country have discovered the benefits of installing solar garden lights instead of electricity powered ones. As such, many companies are selling solar garden lights in Kenya. However, not all of these companies offer quality products. It is therefore imperative that you take time to consider a company to work with.

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