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Solar street lights prices in Kenya

Solar street lights are lights powered by the sun's energy delivered by a solar panel usually installed atop the light. These lights are usually attached to a pole and, as the name suggests, are used to light up streets, highways, or walking paths at night. During the day, the lights remain off and charge the batteries. They come at different solar street light prices in Kenya, depending on the features they have.

One of the factors that affect the solar street lights price in Kenya is the solar panel size. The bigger the solar panel is, the more power the street light can harness. This means the bulb used can also be brighter and can remain lit up the whole night. A street light that will stay on for long is better than one that cannot work the whole night.

Another factor that determines the solar street lights price in Kenya is the battery cycle. The battery is charged by the solar panel and stores the energy for use at night when the system is not charging. A good battery should have a cycle that allows it to go through the night without running out of power. Besides the battery cycle, it is also vital to check on the battery's capacity and how long it can last. A battery that requires regular replacement will increase your expenses and cut operational time.

Not all street lights have the same level of brightness. Lights that are close together or close to the ground can have bulbs with low brightness. However, for areas where a lot of light is required, you need bright bulbs. The brightness of the bulbs is indicated in lumens. The higher the rating, the brighter the bulb will be. LED bulbs are more preferred because they are brighter and do not consume a lot of power. They also last longer.

Another feature that might also affect the solar street light prices in Kenya is waterproofing. Street lights are exposed to the weather elements and can get damaged by rain. Having the IP65 waterproof rating will ensure the street light lasts long. However, expect such lights to cost a little more.

Other advanced features raise the solar street lights prices in Kenya. These features include; motion detectors, auto on and off, light sensors, dimming, and others. It is crucial to determine which features are essential to you, so you do not pay too much for features you do not need.

Where to buy solar street lights in Kenya?

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