Solar water pumps prices in Kenya

Yes, it is possible to operate a water pump with zero operating costs. Whether you are looking to maintain a garden, water your lawn or perform other tasks, having a solar water pump can be a life-changer. Solar water pumps are known for their efficiency and functionality. Water pumps are usually expensive. Therefore, many people looking to invest in solar pumps worry about the solar water pumps prices in Kenya.

Just like with other pumps, the solar water pumps prices in Kenya vary depending on several factors. First is the capacity of the solar water pump. This means how much power the solar water pump has and how much water it can pump. More power means more energy is imparted into the water per unit volume. As such, more water is moved.

Another factor that significantly affects the solar water pump prices in Kenya is the efficiency of the pump. Since the pump uses solar energy, the pump must have high-efficiency panels. These are panels that transfer most of the sun's energy to electricity. It is also crucial that the pump be efficient during operation so that the energy is not wasted by overheating.

You should also definitely consider the flow rate of the pump. The flow rate is the amount of water the pump can move at a particular time. It is usually given in cubic meters per hour or liters per minute. The higher the flow rate, the more water the solar water pump can move. Since solar water pumps are made for different purposes, they also come with different flow rates. Some submersible solar water pumps have adjustable flow rates to adjust the water flow depending on what you are doing. Such additional features can also hike the prices.

With solar water pumps, the working time of the pump is a critical factor. A good solar water pump can work for long periods without shutting down. The duration the pump can work is dependent on the type of solar panels powering the system. A solar photovoltaic system that produces a steady current for a long time is highly preferred for a solar water pump. You should also consider a solar water pump able to work under less sunny conditions.

Finally, another vital feature to have is a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery charges when the sun is shinning and gives you power on demand when you need it. It is a great feature to have, primarily when you use the pump at night.

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